I messed up.

Okay, maybe that’s sugarcoating it a bit.

But really, I really regret how much I have messed up this entire school year, my first year of college. First quarter? Failed precalculus because I’m a dumbass who can’t remember to do his homework over the weekend. Second quarter? Passed with thin margins. This quarter? Well, it looks like I’m going to pass two of my classes, but then there’s Calculus I, where I only got 5% on the second test AND I know I forgot to do my homework. I am such an idiot. And even when I tried to fix things, either by taking my advisor’s advice and doing a “Smart Habits” thing to try and get better at, well, everything, or by taking my parents’ advice and follow a strict schedule, whatever makes me such a dumbass that I need to do all of this to not fail just circumvents it! I don’t get it! I messed up, I tried to improve, but somehow it just didn’t happen.

… I am probably going to lose my scholarships. And its my fault. And I just don’t know what to do.


Ashton Snapp

20-something year old autistic nerd. Interested in tech, gaming, and languages (including constructed languages). Values privacy and respect. Believes in solving things diplomatically when possible. Favorite programming language is Rust, but I also know TypeScript, Python, Lua, Java, and am interested in Nim, Zig, Haskell, and really any programming language. Currently working on the Rouge programming language (https://github.com/AshtonSnapp/rouge) and the Homebrew Assembler (https://github.com/AshtonSnapp/hasm)

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  1. Ronnie Snapp says:

    You get better studying and learn from mistakes. Everyone has room to improve, your hardest battle is over. You know the problem nows time to fix it

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