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Posts detailing events that happened in my life. I’ve decided that I’m only going to do these if something interesting happens.

Game Market Research, Take 2


Making a new post for the first time in forever, because I’m doing another survey. The previous survey was good, but times have changed and I’ve changed as well. You probably have too. So, let’s get this started.

Here’s a link if you prefer:

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WordPress unborked itself

Self-Explanatory. I can now access my website from my laptop again. Granted, the site is probably going to go down for a few minutes after I post this (because WordPress is WordPress) but whatever.


Finally blogging again.

It’s been a while. WordPress somehow broke itself such that I can’t access it on my laptop, but can still access it anywhere else. I really need to learn web design stuff so I can replace WordPress. Soon.

Anyways, I should probably update you on what’s going on. First, goats. Mainly because they’re shouting in the backyard as I type this out.

Second, I’ve made more changes to Neutron (and created a sister project codenamed Cellia). I’ll save those for a later date (as in, when I get wiki edit access and forum posting access on the RetroBrew Computers website).

Third, I still suck at Calculus and would like to skip to Linear Algebra cause I can understand it better (thanks to 3blue1brown for existing and making math youtube videos).

Fourth, I want to try and Ludum Dare.

Fifth, Bananas.

aight, bye.


I messed up.

Okay, maybe that’s sugarcoating it a bit.

But really, I really regret how much I have messed up this entire school year, my first year of college. First quarter? Failed precalculus because I’m a dumbass who can’t remember to do his homework over the weekend. Second quarter? Passed with thin margins. This quarter? Well, it looks like I’m going to pass two of my classes, but then there’s Calculus I, where I only got 5% on the second test AND I know I forgot to do my homework. I am such an idiot. And even when I tried to fix things, either by taking my advisor’s advice and doing a “Smart Habits” thing to try and get better at, well, everything, or by taking my parents’ advice and follow a strict schedule, whatever makes me such a dumbass that I need to do all of this to not fail just circumvents it! I don’t get it! I messed up, I tried to improve, but somehow it just didn’t happen.

… I am probably going to lose my scholarships. And its my fault. And I just don’t know what to do.