Week Review – 12019 April 6

It appears that there is a bit of a bug going around campus. It’s not too bad, but not good either. At least I can function like a normal person still, even if I’m coughing frequently and have a congested nose.

In other news, I’m doing a #StellarisSaturday stream today. Here’s the link: https://twitch.tv/snappg


Ashton Snapp

20-something year old autistic nerd. Interested in tech, gaming, and languages (including constructed languages). Values privacy and respect. Believes in solving things diplomatically when possible. Favorite programming language is Rust, but I also know TypeScript, Python, Lua, Java, and am interested in Nim, Zig, Haskell, and really any programming language. Currently working on the Rouge programming language (https://github.com/AshtonSnapp/rouge) and the Homebrew Assembler (https://github.com/AshtonSnapp/hasm)

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