I recently started working on my own programming language. Yes, you heard me correctly, my own programming language. It is called Rouge (the French word for red, pronounced like ‘rooj’) and takes inspiration from Rust, Ruby, and Java. There is a GitHub project for the programming language which can be found by clicking this link – it is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3 at this time, but if enough people don’t like this choice in license I am willing to change it. The main motivation was to ensure that the implementation and (currently non-existent) standard library remain open source, while allowing proprietary works to use the language. The language aims to be usable both for embedding into other programs (for use in config files, like Neovim and Awesome’s use of Lua, and in plugins) and for general standalone application development. The plan is for it to be either interpreted or compiled to bytecode, mainly because you should never have to compile your config files. Ever. Looking at you, suckless, with your love of having your config files be C headers. (Oh, speaking of suckless, here’s an opinion: more code does not mean bad code, less code does not mean good code. The quality of a project is separate from the amount of source code it has.)


Ashton Snapp

20-something year old autistic nerd. Interested in tech, gaming, and languages (including constructed languages). Values privacy and respect. Believes in solving things diplomatically when possible. Favorite programming language is Rust, but I also know TypeScript, Python, Lua, Java, and am interested in Nim, Zig, Haskell, and really any programming language. Currently working on the Rouge programming language ( and the Homebrew Assembler (

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