Neutron PC32 Bill of Materials (for prototype at least)

  • Western Design Center W65C02S6TPG-14 Microprocessor
  • Clock Crystal/Oscillator – 8 MHz Maximum (poss. frequency divider for prototype?)
  • Alliance Memory AS6C62256A-70PCN (warn: EOL, all other THT 70ns 32kB/256kb SRAM are 10x price)
  • Microchip Technology/Atmel AT28C64B-15PU
  • Microchip Technology/Atmel AT27C010-70PU
  • 2 Western Design Center W65C22S6TPG-14 Versatile Interface Adapters
  • Western Design Center W65C51N6TPG-14 Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter
  • Microchip Technology/Atmel ATMEGA4809-PF
  • Newhaven Display NHD-240128WG-ATFH-VZ#
  • Analog Devices DAC08CPZ
  • Some form of speaker (hooked up to DAC08CPZ)
  • All logic chips required for:
  • All logic chips required for address decode logic (mainly 4-to-16 and 3-to-8 multiplexers/demultiplexers/whatevers + inverters and other gates)
  • Some power supply (planned for finished device: 9V battery or DC power jack, both options present)
  • Connectors: DB25, 8-pin Mini-DIN, 6-pin DIN, some card edge connector, a DC output barrel jack for serial devices

Ashton Snapp

20-something year old autistic nerd. Interested in tech, gaming, and languages (including constructed languages). Values privacy and respect. Believes in solving things diplomatically when possible. Favorite programming language is Rust, but I also know TypeScript, Python, Lua, Java, and am interested in Nim, Zig, Haskell, and really any programming language. Currently working on the Rouge programming language ( and the Homebrew Assembler (

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